Dutch born, Pink (her nickname was planned even before she was born) has a degree in communications at the HIBO university in Ghent. She has since then worked in advertising and PR for brands such as Philips, Swatch Group, DHL, Diageo and more. She has lived in Paris and worked in London and thinks that ‘cities are the best and largest art galleries in the world’. Making acrylic paintings has always been part of her life, she attended atelier trainings at the academy of fine arts in Arendonk (Belgium). She is hooked on pop art, comic books, commercial art and fashion. 

To see more work, Pink can be contacted at hello@pinkandstash.com

Meet Pink

Belgian born, Stash studied media and entertainment at NHTV International University in Breda (the Netherlands). She attended workshops on filmmaking and copywriting. During her studies, Stash landed at The Walt Disney Company in London as an assistant in digital marketing & production. 

She lived in Berlin where she worked for Tempomedia film productions, for brands such as Audi and Fila. Design, writing and photography are Stash’ favourite pasttime. She likes to seek the unexpected and admires people who live their vibrant cultural life in the most thrilling places on Earth. Stash loves to travel and visit far away countries to stay inspired.  

For more information, Stash can be contacted at hello@pinkandstash.com

Meet Stash


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